Cable Systems have launched CSL Transformer Breathers, formally known as the Hawke Transformer Breather range.

Following a recent shake-up of their product portfolio, Hawke decided to stop manufacturing the range.

In light of the Hawke Transformer Breathers’ popularity among our customers, and making use of our close relationship with Hawke, we were able to acquire the rights to manufacture and supply the range ourselves.

Transformer Breathers are essential in the electrical supply industry, where there is a need to protect large transformers against excess humidity ingress.

Desiccant breathers work by absorbing water vapour using a desiccant gel, which can be replaced or reactivated whenever needed.

The gel changes colour as it becomes saturated, losing its original orange colour to become clear, and this provides a very easy way to see when the breather needs to be replaced.

You can find CSL Transformer Breathers under our Harsh & Industrial Products category, with a full range to choose from to suit different installations.

And of course Hawke remain a key supplier to Cable Systems too – you can find all of their products in one handy place via our Manufacturers menu.