Without the right hazardous area equipment in place, cable conduits can represent a weak point on the perimeter of explosive environments and other high-risk hazard zones.

Cable Systems’ comprehensive range of cable transit sealing systems helps to reduce that risk, to eliminate the chance of fire or explosion due to external sources of ignition entering ATEX environments via cable conduits.

Multiple household name manufacturers, such as Hawke and Roxtec, produce cable transit systems for different environments, including circular cable transit frames for marine applications.

A single system for reliable installation throughout ATEX environments is Hawke HTS, also known as the Hawke Transit System.

This includes a complete set of components to install safe and secure cable transit apertures, as well as to block off any unused spaces using purpose-built blank filler blocks.

Remember to also specify ATEX cable glands to connect and terminate your cables without compromising the safety of your hazardous area.

If you need more information about any of our cable transit safety systems and hazardous area cable glands, please contact Cable Systems today and we will help you choose the correct solutions for your ATEX environment.