Cable Transit Sealing Systems allow pipes and cables to pass through a wall, bulkhead or other enclosure without compromising its integrity.

Examples include Hawke Cable Transit Sealing Systems and Roxtec Modular Cable Transit Systems, both of which offer protection against risks like fire, water and gas, as well as unwanted intruders like vermin that can pass through very small holes.

A Cable Transit Sealing System typically consists of several modules that combine together to create a physical barrier and seal the aperture in the wall or bulkhead:

  • Cable modules that grip cables in a square block
  • Transit frames into which one or more blocks are inserted
  • Compression tools to ensure a tight seal between the blocks and the frame
  • Accessories e.g. lubricants and fire sealants applied to edges and corners

Any remaining unused spaces in the transit frame can be filled with compensation modules – solid blocks that can be switched out for cable transit modules in the future if needed.

Roxtec Cable Transit Systems and Hawke Cable Transit Sealing Systems both provide an important way to reduce risks when cables need to pass through a barrier, without leaving it exposed to potentially hazardous leaks and vulnerabilities – crucial in all hazardous areas.