R Stahl ex equipment all meets the newly developed Ex 4.0 global standard, the company has confirmed in a statement.

Ex 4.0 is a new designation introduced by R Stahl themselves, which incorporates multiple regional certifications to signify that ex equipment is suitable for use in almost any location worldwide.

It supports a broad diversity of communication standards and bus systems, with robust physical design also incorporated into the designation.

“Only products toughened for operation in extreme conditions, including severe cold, high humidity, aggressive saltwater-infused atmospheres, constant vibration and other harsh environmental influences, are awarded the Ex 4.0 label,” R Stahl stated.

“R Stahl has been able to ensure that the entire portfolio meets these criteria without compromising safety and availability. All R Stahl hazardous area technology has therefore earned the Ex 4.0 designation.”

The company suggests that the newly developed standard is a designation for a new generation, and complements other developments being made in the technology sector.

Labels like Industry 4.0 and the Industrial Internet of Things are comparable in their own segments, R Stahl says, combining to unlock smart responses and complex analysis from hazardous area technology including mobile and remote-access devices.