Working in a hazardous area is challenging enough, without struggling through cold weather. Cable Systems stock a range of EXHEAT heaters for hazardous area locations so a chilly day never needs to be a problem again.

As a globally renowned manufacturer of electric process heating and control systems, you can put your faith in EXHEAT heaters to keep your environment at the desired temperature, while adhering to the necessary ATEX, CSA and IECEx certification.

Fan heaters are a flexible option for Zone 1 and Zone 2 hazardous areas, and can cater for high capacity when you need to heat a large open environment such as a hangar, warehouse or large industrial facility.

Enclosure and cabinet heaters are designed specifically for use in enclosures, using convection and radiation to maintain the desired temperature, which can be thermostat controlled for automatic switching if desired.

In hazardous areas where fire is a concern, flame-proof heaters including liquid-filled radiators, fan heaters and air warmers can all be used to safely raise the temperature, without introducing any additional safety risks into the environment.

Explore our range of heaters and other hazardous area products, or contact us today for more information.