Specially designed for industrial control, IoT and building automation

Fibox is introducing a totally new stand-alone enclosure series, called NEO, for the electrical markets and applications. Requirements for protective, robust and efficient enclosure solutions are constantly increasing. NEO is not only Fibox´ answer to these requirements, but NEO also offers more. Such as modern design, top reliability, highest quality and optimized flexibility for the customer.

  • 3 Sizes – 320x220x150mm, 320x320x150mm & 420x320x150mm
  • Two materials – Polycarbonate & ABS
  • 9 Accessory sets for creating application specific solutions
  • Mounting Plate Options –  Polycarbonate & Sheet steel
  • Wall Mounting Options – Direct screw mounting / Polycarbonate lugs
  • Pole Mounting Options