Cable transit sealing systems are a form of protection for hazardous areas and industrial environments to prevent the spread of fire or flood to adjacent areas.

They are used where cables pass through a wall or bulkhead, to seal the open space around the cables to a high standard, and keep flames or water contained in an emergency.

But cable transit systems can also protect against a range of potential chemical damage, to reduce loss or damage to materials and equipment, and prevent possible human casualties.


How do cable transit systems protect against chemical damage?

The mechanism in principle is the same for chemical threats as it is for fire or flood. Having a corrosion-proof cable transit system in place creates a physical barrier that any chemical spill cannot easily penetrate.

It’s worth noting that this includes chemicals in different phases:

  • Risk of ingress by liquid chemical spills
  • Risk of fumes/vapours from adjacent environment

Vapours can cause breathing difficulties, as well as creating a combustible environment, so a secure cable transit sealing system is a valuable way to mitigate against this often invisible risk.

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