Raychem XTV Trace Heating Cable is a self-regulating heat trace cable suitable for industries including food and beverage, chemicals and pharmaceutical, mining, marine, oil and gas, and power.

When in use, the cable heats up, providing continuous protection along its full length against industrial pipe freeze-up, steady maintenance of process temperatures, and other applications where a constant temperature is needed.

It can be used in non-hazardous and hazardous locations alike, in locations where corrosives are used, and at environmental temperatures as high as 250°C (482°F).

The XTV family is capable of providing power output of 20W/ft at a temperature of 10°C (50°F) although this will vary in accordance with the temperature of the cable.

Use with a compatible Raychem End Seal Kit, with or without illumination, for fast installation and to keep the heating cable in place with firm hold and integrated strain relief.

Finally, install a Raychem mechanical or electronic thermostat, with ambient and surface sensing models available, to ensure accurate control of the heating cable at all times and a continuous temperature along the pipe.