The revolutionary KFL-X is a new and improved floodlight that has more power and durability than any other floodlight on the market.

KFL-X_clamshell splicebox

Easy Install

The KFL-X has a clamshell design with captive swing barrel-nut latch that offers complete and unimpeded access to the wiring chamber that allows for a quick and easy installation.



Intelligent Battery Backup

The KFL-X’s Self-Testing feature runs a 30 second test every 30 days and a 90 or 180 minute test every twelve months. Bi-coloured LED indicator provides a visual fault detection and charging status.

The Self-Diagnosing feature monitors LED status, LED driver circuit, battery capacity, and charger function and displays any fault by means of a flashing code from the Bi-Coloured LED.


LED Colour

The KFL-X is offered in four distinct colours.
  • 5000K 70 CRI – The standard crisp white light for widespread use.
  • 3000K 70 CRI – Warm white LED Colour.
  • Pure Amber LED – New turtle friendly light that won’t harm!
  • Pure Green LED – New Green LED fixtures that are less likely to attract or disorientate migratory birds

Mounting Options

The KFL-X is is able to adapt to four different mounting types.
  • Pendant (Easy mount the KFL-X to a rigid pendant with one person install achieved through a captivated bolt design)
  • Stanchion (Aimable & stackable design for stanchion installations that allow for up-to two floodlights per mount)
  • Knuckle (Tilt aim allows for precise illumination when the KFL-X is mounted on the end of a pole)
  • Jib Crane Mount (Auto-leveling with shock-absorber, and vibration isolators designed for the demands of luminaries mounted to jib crane)

Optic Choices

Available in three optic choices offered to meet the demands from the Hazardous Location industry.
  • Normal Distribution – Approximate 6×6 beam distribution that delivers evenly distributed light, perfect for a general area lighting with normal mounting heights.
  • Wide Optic – Gives great horizontal throw of the light that is perfect for low mounting heights as well as installations that require further fixture spacing.
  • Spot Optic – Offers high lumen density at taller mounting heights, perfect for focused lighting areas.