Instant, environmentally friendly, hassle-free barrier gland solution from Hawke.

Hawke’s new, unique cable gland innovation is designed to increase ease and speed of installation. Utilising the UNIV diaphragm seal concept, a seal is applied to individual cores. This offers an instant barrier seal solution for Exd applications.

  • New multi diaphragm seal design
  • 6 sizes complete the range
  • 4 core to 19 core seal options available
  • Each individual seal offers a sealing range of 1.5mm to 4mm with an additional core option from 4.5 to 6.5mm
  • Reduces Operating Expenses
  • Health and Safety concerns eliminated
  • Easy to ship with no restrictions

The PSG/553/RAC and SB/474 are dual certified Exe/Exd cable glands that offer an instant silicone barrier seal around the individual conductors of a cable. Resulting in unparalleled speed of installation, and instant inspection. Removing the need for curing compound or resin to achieve the Exd barrier seal hence no curing time and instant gland completion.