Every Hawke industrial enclosure Cable Systems supply is equipped with internal and external earthing studs, providing an essential last level of protection against injuries and even fatalities.

Safety is of paramount importance when working with electricity, and using the earthing studs on industrial enclosures ensures that any build-up of charge has a safe route to ground.

This keeps employees protected at all times, including during routine maintenance and testing, or during repair work to the equipment inside the enclosure.


An earth connection is an incredibly simple extra measure but can have a huge impact on overall employee safety, especially when using handheld devices like voltage testers that are not grounded.

Without an earth connection from the enclosure, there is a much greater risk of current discharging to ground through the individual.

This can lead to fatalities in the worst incidents, but can also create other problems like interruptions to critical processes, costly delays and repair work, and non-fatal injuries.


By choosing industrial enclosures with internal and external earthing studs, you avoid all of these risks, with a clear indication of where to connect to ground in order to discharge any charge or current from the enclosure while it is being worked on.