Distillery lighting has to tick a lot of boxes. Employees need good levels of illumination during working hours, while for VIPs you also need to create the right ambiance during distillery tours.

In addition to this, the presence of alcohol vapours creates hazardous areas around maturing casks, raising the need for safe distillery lighting that still looks great.

The distillery lighting brochure recently published by Chalmit is a great place to start shopping for distillery lighting in hazardous and industrial areas, as well as Hawke cable glands that can be used in those hazardous zones.

In the new catalogue, Chalmit bring together their floodlights, bulkhead lighting, and other luminaires that can be used throughout distilleries, including in the presence of alcohol vapour.

“Whether it’s crisp, white lighting for rooms and offices or a softer, warm illumination for bar areas, warehouses or tasting rooms, our wide colour temperature range means we can provide customers with the perfect lighting solution for their application,” Chalmit say.

Back in October 2019, we posted a case study of our work at the Bruichladdich Distillery on Islay in Scotland, where we installed Zone 2/22 certified Chalmit Nexxus II Bulkhead LED lights in the cask maturation warehouse.

We coupled these with Ex-Mo Motion Sensors, which allow the lights to turn on automatically when there is movement in the warehouse – saving energy and effort as personnel move in and out of the space.

The distillery was thrilled with the results, which set the perfect atmosphere for VIP guests taking a tour of the cask maturation warehouse, while also meeting all the applicable hazardous area lighting requirements.

Working in a whisky distillery was a great experience for our team too, and we got a great response from readers of our blog – if you’d like to know more about this slightly unusual project, just ask!