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CEAG GHG5117304R0001 Plug

Type 16A 3-pole 110-130V


  • CEAG GHG 511 7304 R0001 Plug
  • 16A
  • 3 Pole
  • 110-130V
Product Code: GHG5117304R0001

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CEAG GHG5117304R0001 Plug

CEAG GHG51 IEC 60309 Hazardous Area Pin and Sleeve Devices

Crouse-Hinds series CEAG GHG51 IEC 60309 pin and sleeve devices are a global product line that features the latest technological innovations to lead the way in IEC 60309 performance.  Certified for Class I, Division 2 and Class I, Zone 1 & 2 hazardous areas, each Crouse-Hinds series IEC 60309 plug and socket has been carefully engineered to offer reliability, efficiency and added safety protection in demanding wet locations, particularly where harsh wash downs are a must.

GHG51 IEC 60309 hazardous area pin and sleeve devices are used where hazardous gases may be present in areas prone to water, hose down, corrosion, dust, dirt, vibration, hard use and abuse.  The factory sealed interlock receptacle is dead front until the plug is fully engaged and rotated to activate the switch.  The plug cannot be removed under load, and features a color-coded front housing for easy and accurate identification of voltages.


Design features

  • Mechanically interlocked plug and receptacle – plug cannot be engaged or disengaged under load
  • Simple “insert plug and twist” design to activate internal switch
  • Self-cleaning multi-lam contacts provide reliable power connection
  • Compact size with rain shedding, watertight profile – easy to handle and install
  • Color-coded receptacle cover and plug
  • Fibre-reinforced nylon type 12 impact- and corrosion-resistant enclosure and plug
  • Nickel-plated brass contacts offer long life corrosion protection
  • Heavy duty strain relief provides superior pull-out protection and absorbs all tensile and torsional forces
  • OSHA lockout/tagout compliant
  • Dual bottom entry Zone 1 Myers hubs
  • Full wiring access, saves time and money
  • VØ rated materials

Standard materials

  • Enclosure – Type 12 nylon
  • Plug body – fibre-reinforced nylon
  • Hardware – stainless steel
  • Contacts – brass

Certifications and Compliances

IEC versions (IEC 60309 Series 1) – 16A, 32A, 63A, 125A devices


NEC versions (IEC 60309 Series 2) – 20A, 30A, 60A, 100A devices

  • Certificate of Compliance: CSA 2080082 (20A & 30A);  CSA 2089057 (60A & 100A)
  • Marking accd. to NEC 500: Class I Div 2 Group A, B, C and D; Class II Div. 1 Group E, F, and G
  • Marking accd. to NEC 505/CEC 18: Class I, Zone 1, AEx ed IIC T6 / Ex ed IIC T6
  • IP66
  • CE
  • EAC

GHG51 models

Series 1 devices (IEC):

  • 16A = GHG511 (Zone 1) and GHG516 (Zone 2)
  • 32A = GHG512 (Zone 1) and GHG517 (Zone 2)
  • 63A = GHG514 (Zone 1) and GHG518 (Zone 2)
  • 125A = GHG515 (Zone 1) and GHG519 (Zone 2)
  • Low voltage devices = GHG513 (wall sockets & couplers) and GHG542 (flange sockets & plugs)
  • 7-pole and 21-pole devices = GHG511 (wall sockets) and GHG591 (plugs)

Series 2 devices (NEC):

  • 20A = GHG511 (Division 2)
  • 30A = GHG512 (Division 2)
  • 60A = GHG514 (Division 2)
  • 120A = GHG515 (Division 2)

CEAG 16A Plugs and Receptacles Datasheet

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