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FHF AW 1-4 Signalling Bell

Electronic signalling device for dry and damp rooms.


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The signalling bells are mainly used for clear calling, reporting and warning purposes when it is wanted that a high-pitch bell sound stand out clearly against ambient noise. Different dome sizes enable optimum signalling.

The driver system of the multi-stroke signalling bell consists of a single-coil electromagnet. A diode in the circuit of the AC variant only allows current to flow every half period, with the result that the striker oscillates in time with the mains frequency. The DC versions are equipped with a non-wearing electronic contact breaker. Their stroke rate is approx. 50 strokes/sec.

  • Multi-stroke and single-stroke signalling bell
  • Slow-stroke signalling bell with adjustable stroke rate between 200/min. and 30/min
  • Various flat domes
Area classification Weatherproof
Operating temperature -20°C to +60°C
Ingress protection IP55
Material Body: aluminium. Dome: steel
Entries 1 x M20
Weight 1.45kg – 2.95kg
Voltage 6-220Vdc, 12-240Vac
Sound output Max: 110dB, 1m (±3dB)
Options Dome size, strike rate

FHF AW 1-4 Signalling Bell Datasheet

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