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FHF F0 FI FII FIII Weatherproof Motor Siren

Corrosion-resistant alarm and signalling device for indoor and outdoor use.


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The signalling bells are mainly used for clear calling, reporting and warning purposes when it is wanted that a high-pitch bell sound stand out clearly against ambient noise. Different dome sizes enable optimum signalling.

The sirens are used as alarm, warning or signalling devices. Thanks to their charac t eristic siren wail, they generate an unmistakable and penetrating alarm. The high volume of the wail and its all round directivity guarantee, that a suit ably large range is attained. The different sizes and versions of the sirens open up a broad range of ap pli – cations, including signalling for critical situations. Used with the pro tection cover available as optional extra, the sirens are suitable for outdoor use. Sirens for special voltages and fre quen cies are available on request.

The housings are made of aluminium die cast and coated in light grey with weatherproof paint. The protection cover for the sirens F0 and FI is made of weather-resistant plastic. The protection covers of the other ver sions are made of sheet steel and coated with weatherproof paint. When using a protection cover, the motor conforms to protection degree IP 44 and the siren housing to IP 22. The sirens are designed for short-time operation S 2 –15 minutes according to VDE 0530, Part 1. For the power supply connection the sirens F0 and F1 are equipped with a cable gland M16 and the types FII – FIIIb with a cable gland M20.


  • Alarm and warning sirens
  • Signalling for critical situations
  • Very loud
  • With protection cover for outdoor use
  • Different dimensions 110 up to 123 dB(A)
Area classification Weatherproof
Operating temperature 0°C (-40°C with protection cover) to +65°C
Ingress protection IP22 (IP44 with protection cover)
Material Aluminium
Entries F0,FI & FII: M16.
FIIa & FIIIb: M20
Weight 1.6kg – 22.0kg
Voltage 24-230Vdc, 24-400Vac
Sound output Max: 123dB, 1m (±3dB)
Options Protection cover

FHF F0 FI FII FIII Weatherproof Motor Siren Datasheet

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