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Hawke QSP – Quick Seal Putty

QSP 2-part Hand Mix Putty


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QSP 2-part Hand Mix Putty

Simple to use with a cure time from 30 minutes. Particularly useful where termination space is limited or cables are running horizontally to the installation area. Can be inspected and repaired if necessary, allowing for the highest level of safety.

For use with Hawke’s Barrier Cable Gland range.

Technical Notes

The compound may be adversely affected by some solvent vapours. If such vapours are likely to be present in the vicinity of the cable gland in service, suitable precautions may be necessary. If in doubt, contact Hawke’s Technical Dept.

The compound cures at a Shore D hardness of 85, when it can be handled.

The compound should be kept at an ambient temperature of no less than 20°C prior to using. At lower temperatures it becomes difficult to mix.

The mixing and installation of the compound at an ambient temperature below 5°C is not recommended due to extended curing periods.

The storage of the compound shall be at temperatures between 5°C and 30°C.

Hawkeseal has been formulated to be resistant to relevant chemical exposure and has been tested against these substances. If application presents particular risk of exposure then contact Hawke Technical for guidance.

Barrier Compound Installation Instructions