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Kopex EXPQ Straight Conduit Fitting

Straight metallic for use with EXB conduit


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Type EXPQ – Straight metallic fitting


  • Manufactured in nickel plated brass
  • Approved for use in Ex e applications for Zones 1, 2, 21 & 22
  • Available in Metric & NPT thread
  • For use with unbraided nylon conduits EXB and XESX

Product approvals

  • ATEX – Baseefa08 ATEX003X
  • IECEx – IECEx BAS08.001X
  • InMetro – UL-BR 15.0476X
  • CNEx – CNEx15.1693X
  • TR-CU – RU C-GB.AA87.B.00198
  • I 2 GD Ex e IIC Gb Ex tb IIIC Db IP66

General Information

Part No


Min Bore



EXPQM0203 13mm 11.4mm M16x1.5 7TCA297120R0329
EXPQM0303 16mm 11.4mm M16x1.5 7TCA297120R0168
EXPQM0304 16mm 11.4mm M20x1.5 7TCA297120R0447
EXPQM0404 20mm 15.8mm M20x1.5 7TCA297120R0170
EXPQM0505 25mm 19.0mm M25x1.5 7TCA297120R0171
EXPQM0606 32mm 26.4mm M32x1.5 7TCA297120R0172
EXPQM0707 42mm 32.9mm M40x1.5 7TCA297120R0173
EXPQM0808 54mm 43.9mm M50x1.5 7TCA297120R0174
EXPQM0909 68mm 57.mm M63x1.5 7TCA297120R0419
EXPQM1010 80mm 67.5m M75x1.5 7TCA297120R0446

Kopex EXPQ Straight Conduit Fitting Datasheet

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