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Oxalis XP Range

Explosion proof PTZ camera stations

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Explosion proof, PTZ camera station

Designed for individual use or multiple CCTV systems, the XP PTZ range comes complete with an integral base unit used for power, signal and direct fibre termination, they have continuous rotation with no trailing leads.

All XP PTZ’s are made from high quality 316L stainless steel and are globally certified with Atex/IECEx, CUTR, INMETRO, CCOE, US & Canada Zone & Division hazardous area and DNV marine certification (model dependent). They are approved to withstand temperatures ranging from –60˚C to +70˚C (model dependent) and are available in HD IP, Hybrid or Analogue video modes to suit your preference on VMS systems. With a number of enclosure sizes available we are able to cover almost any required configuration and with common industry protocols including ONVIF-S, the XP range allows the user to incorporate a wide variety of modules suitable for all applications.

Optical – 260mm, 400mm, 600mm (XP26, XP40, XP60)

Illumination – 260mm, 400mm, (EXIR26, EXIR40)

XP60 day/night analogue series datasheet

XP60 day/night IP hybrid series datasheet

XP60 HD IP series datasheet

XP60 TI analogue series datasheet

XP60 TI IP hybrid datasheet

XP60 dual imager analogue series datasheet

XP60 dual imager IP hybrid series datasheet

XP40 day/night analogue series datasheet

XP40 day/night IP hybrid datasheet

XP40 HD IP series datasheet

XP40 TI analogue series datasheet

XP40 TI IP hybrid series datasheet

XP40 TI IP series datasheet

XP40 dual imager analogue series datasheet

XP26 day/night analogue series datasheet

XP26 TI analogue series datasheet

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