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Weidmuller W-Series Terminal End Plate WAP 2.5-10

End Plate to suit Weidmuller WDU DIN Rail Mounted Terminals


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Weidmuller W-Series Terminal End Plate WAP 2.5-10

To Seal off the open face of a W-Series DIN rail mounted terminal.

Suitable for terminal types;-

  • WDU2.5
  • WDU4
  • WDU6
  • WDU10

Available in various colours;-

  • Beige (Standard)
  • Blue (I.S / Intrinsically Safe Circuits)
  • Black
  • Yellow
  • Red
  • Grey
  • Orange
  • Brown
  • White
DescriptionColourPart NumberDescription
WAP 2.5-10Beige (standard)1050000000End Plate WDU2.5-10
WAP 2.5-10Blue (I.S / Intrinsically Safe)1050080000End Plate WDU2.5-10
WAP 2.5-10Black1050010000End Plate WDU2.5-10
WAP 2.5-10Yellow1050020000End Plate WDU2.5-10
WAP 2.5-10Red1050040000End Plate WDU2.5-10
WAP 2.5-10Grey1050050000End Plate WDU2.5-10
WAP 2.5-10Orange1050060000End Plate WDU2.5-10
WAP 2.5-10Brown1050070000End Plate WDU2.5-10
WAP 2.5-10White1050090000End Plate WDU2.5-10

Weidmuller WAP 2.5-10 Datasheet

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