The global safety switches market will grow continually from 2017 until at least 2021, according to a forecast from Research and Markets.

In the newly published report, the analyst predicts a compound annual growth rate of 3.8% in the global safety switches market, starting from a 2016 baseline and lasting for at least five years.

The study notes how government action on industrial safety, along with the maturity of the safety switches currently available for hazardous areas, are combining to encourage greater sales.

“Industrial equipment safety has been going through some major transformation over the past couple of years, with several governments pushing for stricter regulations regarding the workplace safety,” it states.

“The safety switches being manufactured today fit all the required industrial or global safety standards. These are reliable, stable and can be used at different hazardous locations.”

Safety switches are used on doors, shafts, hatches and other opening covers throughout industrial hazardous areas, and in industries ranging from food and manufacturing, to automotive and pharmaceutical.

The report particularly notes that in some industrial hazardous areas, the intrinsic risks cannot be avoided completely – but that hazardous area equipment including safety switches enable the adoption of safe equipment and methods so that enterprises operating in those sectors can put the necessary safeguards in place.