When the winter bites hard, The Bulldog Portable Fan Heater from EXHEAT Industrial bites back, even at temperatures as low as -40C.

Its dual enclosures provide flameproof Exd and increased safety Exe protection, with separate access to the two enclosures for routine and reactive maintenance.

Customised temperature protection keeps The Bulldog running at up to 40 degrees below freezing, as well as using an integrated RTD sensor to protect against overheating beyond T-Class temperatures due to fault or misuse.

Hazardous area heaters are a safe way to increase ambient air temperatures both for the comfort of personnel working in the area, and to ensure equipment stays within its recommended operating range.

The Bulldog is just one of Cable Systems’ range of fixed air warmers and portable fan heaters for hazardous areas.

We also stock convection heaters, liquid-filled radiators, cabinet heaters, flameproof air warmers, and other hazardous area heaters.

Together, this important family of hazardous area products ensures work can continue safely and comfortably, even in exposed industrial locations, no matter what weather the winter months may bring.

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