Hawke Transit Systems for Data Centres provide an important way to protect cables and pipes, as well as the data centre itself, at the places where they penetrate the perimeter.

Without this protection, data and equipment can be put at risk due to disasters like fire and flood.

By installing Hawke Transit Systems, you seal the penetration point, creating a physical barrier to prevent floodwater and flames from entering the facility from the outside.

Even without experiencing a disaster, data centre transit systems can help to reduce running costs significantly over the long term.

That’s because they seal the perimeter transit points, keeping the interior temperature and humidity closer to their climate-controlled levels.

Just install a Hawke Cable Transit Frame, Stayplate and Compression System, and you’re ready to add modular transit blocks as needed, with additional transit points to allow for future expansion.

Hawke Transit Systems for Data Centres are comprehensively and rigorously tested to ensure reliable performance in sensitive and hazardous areas.

With easy installation, 4mm tolerance and multiple sealing faces to conform to irregularly shaped pipes and cables, they’re a versatile solution you can put your trust in.

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