Ex connectors for harsh and hazardous environments are an essential way to connect power, control, instrumentation and fibre optics without raising the risk of a fire or explosion.

A standard connection point is a natural weakness in all kinds of cabling. Threaded connectors may not be a perfect fit and can come loose over time especially in the presence of electromagnetic fields.

Harsh and hazardous environment Ex connectors overcome these problems. They often make use of a plug and socket connection, rather than a male to female thread, and this can avoid the dangers of loosening and galling threads.

The protection is two-way. Not only do Ex connectors reduce the risk of a fire or explosion due to a leak of current from the cable, they also protect the cable from the harsh and hazardous environment outside.

With products designed specifically for optical fibre, instrumentation, power and control applications, there’s an Ex connector for every job. Such as the Flameproof Exde connector, which is designed to allow for live mate and de-mating of signal and low power in hazardous areas.

Find out more when you browse our range of Hawke Ex connectors, with full specifications including hazard ratings, operating temperature range and downloadable datasheets for all products.