Good lighting is important in all working environments, but particularly in industrial and potentially hazardous areas.

But to ensure that lighting stays in good condition, ex lighting enclosures place it in a container that protects it against outside risks and especially against explosion risks.

Ex lighting enclosures are rated for different zones, including Zone 0, Zone 1 and Zone 2 hazardous area products, so you can choose an enclosure that meets the risk level.

This means lighting in areas where explosive gases are not normally present can be protected while in zones of continual threat, it can be even more tightly secured.

Importantly, ex lighting enclosures still allow access for maintenance purposes, so you can service the light fitting and bulb inside.

By doing this, they ensure that when the bulb reaches the end of its operating life, it’s not unduly difficult to access it in order to install a replacement.

Ultimately safety is the first priority, and with ex lighting enclosures in hazardous areas, you protect human life while also protecting your equipment and helping to maintain business continuity during an incident.