CEAG ExLin / ExLin NE+ Non-metallic Hazardous Area Linear LED Light Fixtures

Approved for use in Zone 1 and Zone 21 hazardous areas, the Crouse-Hinds series ExLin provides longer life, improved efficiency and superior performance with a competitive payback versus fluorescent fixtures. The ExLin is a linear LED designed for safety, reliability and efficiency.

ExLin LED fixtures combine state-of-the-art LED technology with optimised thermal management, time-tested drivers, and field-proven GRP enclosures to ensure long service life in extreme environments.

Five lumen output ranges from 2,910 to 11,230 replace 2x18W, 2x36W and 2x58W fluorescent fixtures. Custom standard, wide and narrow optics optimize light distribution for your specific application.

NOW AVAILABLE: ExLin NE+ emergency light fixture with a self-contained battery! See below for more information.

ExLin NE Emergency

ExLin NE+ LED linear emergency fixture for hazardous areas

  • Provides a decentralized solution for emergency lighting in case of power failure
  • State-of-the-art LiFePO4 battery improves performance and reliability
  • Reliable lumen output of 2000 / 1000 lumen for 1.5 / 3.0 hours in emergency mode
  • Light distribution in emergency mode is the same as mains mode, providing even illumination for increased safety