FEAM Exd enclosures give you flame-proof protection of your equipment with company heritage spanning decades and all the necessary modern-day certification.
When you buy FEAM Exd enclosures from Cable Systems, you can choose between aluminium or stainless steel construction from the company’s EJB, EJC and GUB ranges, among others.
Cable Systems are able to supply these Exd enclosures for custom installation on-site, with in-house assembly and full certification of the finished enclosure.
FEAM Exd enclosures are based on the company’s experience of constructing explosion-proof electrical equipment dating back as far as 1961.
FEAM are UNI EN ISO 9001 Standard certified, with their entire product range covered by European Directive 94/9CE ATEX certification, giving you complete peace of mind when you choose an Exd enclosure from FEAM.
And with certified on-site installation by Cable Systems, you know that your Exd enclosures are installed in the correct way.
Together, this gives you a way to buy FEAM Exd enclosures from Cable Systems with in-house assembly and installation, and all certified to comply with the relevant regulations in your industry.