As the nights continue to draw in – with the shortest day this year almost coinciding with Christmas – exd lighting will play an important role in improving visibility in hazardous areas.

Exd lighting has year-round applications on any premises that operate overnight, or in locations where a certain brightness level is needed regardless of the weather conditions.

But in winter, when the sun rises after the working day has already begun, and sets again before the shift is even over, hazardous area lighting becomes especially important.

There are of course many reasons why good illumination levels are important, making it easier to see personnel moving around the area, or to safely handle goods passing through it.

Good visibility is essential during maintenance work too, although hazardous area lighting itself is typically designed to require a bare minimum of human access and maintenance, for use in areas that are difficult to reach.

And there is no better time to invest in such precautions than on the cusp of a new calendar year – not only as part of a commitment to safeguarding employees, but also in order to improve your safety record on paper as a new 12-month period begins.