Cable Systems Ltd Transformer Breathers continue to keep machinery safe and dry when operating for prolonged periods in dirty humid air.

When wet dirty air is sucked in by industrial area equipment, it can cause abrasion, adhesion and erosion of critical parts – something CSL Transformer Breathers work to prevent from happening.

Cable Systems have manufactured and distributed these desiccant breathers since 2020, when we acquired the rights to the product range from Hawke International UK.

We now supply HB-Type Desiccant Transformer Breathers, HBP-Type Economy Breathers for smaller transformers, and Multiple Desiccant Breathers for high-oil-volume equipment.

In addition, the CSL Breather Dryer Unit can dry out saturated charges, recharging them for subsequent uses, and our range of Breather Mounting Brackets ensures your breathers are installed correctly and securely.

Desiccant breathers are important at all times of year, through the wetter winter months, and in summer when the warmer air can contain more water vapour.

By keeping CSL Transformer Breathers installed and recharged with fresh desiccant, all of our customers can continue to benefit from the reduced maintenance demand and improved longevity of essential hardware, just as they have done since 2020 and under the Hawke brand before that.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.