Exd enclosures are contributing towards growing demand in the global electrical enclosures market in the coming decade, according to market analysis from Inkwood Research.

In a report looking ahead at the global electrical enclosures market from 2018 to 2026, the analyst predicts strong growth of nearly 6.8% CAGR compared with 2017 as the reference year.

Exd enclosures should have a role to play in achieving this growth, with a predicted increase in the market for flame-proof enclosures by 2024.

The report also forecasts increased market size for drip-tight electrical enclosures, and states: “The important driver increasing growth in the global electrical enclosure market is the requirement of regulatory environment for safety.

“Globally, the governments of many countries have implemented stringent regulations regarding safety, and this fact is majorly driving the electrical enclosures market.”

An increase in residential, industrial and power supply infrastructure is all adding to this demand – and coupled with the focus on safety, this should mean Exd enclosures are a crucial component in ensuring future infrastructure operates safely for many years to come.