Hazardous area classification into Zones 0, 1 and 2 is an essential stage in identifying the type of hazardous area equipment you need.

Although Zone 0 equipment is often specified where explosive gases are present frequently, there are other factors to consider.

What factors determine a hazardous area?

Here are five factors affecting hazardous area classification, which could help determine the hazardous area equipment you need:

  • Materials used in the area and how flammable they are.
  • Quantity of flammable materials released at any one time.
  • Frequency of how often vapours or dust are released.
  • Temperature (and pressure) in the surrounding area.
  • Ventilation including natural and artificial dispersal of vapours.

Plan ahead to avoid hazardous leaks

Remember hazardous area classifications are based on expected events – although it is wise to plan for rare and unplanned leaks too.

The HSE suggests the following guidelines to classify hazardous areas based on the number of hours per year when explosive materials are present:

  • Zone 0: 1,000 hours.
  • Zone 1: 10-1,000 hours.
  • Zone 2: Less than 10 hours.

Always consult an expert when assessing hazardous zones and, if on the borderline, specify hazardous area equipment that offers the greater level of safety.

At Cable Systems we manufacture and supply many types of hazardous area equipment. If you are unsure what you need, give us a call today for advice.