Where there is the potential for vapours or other hazardous substances to be present in the atmosphere, such as is the case surrounding Zone 2 equipment, the temptation might be to try and avoid the use of electrical and digital equipment as far as possible.

But an article published ahead of the Safety & Health Expo 2014 explains why more digital technology, and not less, might actually be the best way to keep Zone 2 equipment and other hazardous area hardware safe.

“While static signs may be sufficient to demarcate slip and trip hazards, digital displays may have a more immediate effect in sensitive areas, for example, reducing the risk of smoking where there is a fire hazard due to the presence of volatile materials,” writes Harry Filer.

Digital warning signs can also be illuminated, offering higher contrast and greater visibility than static signage; hazardous area LED lighting can help to achieve this where the option of using a self-illuminating sign is not available for any reason.

The Safety & Health Expo 2014 is taking place in London this year for the first time; the three-day event begins on June 17th.