A new range of fourth generation electrical connectors, ControlEx, has been launched by hazardous area specialist, Hawke International. Building on customer feedback from the thousands of previous generation connectors proven in field use worldwide Hawke has incorporated numerous improvements. These include a facility to padlock units to avoid accidental disconnection and improved secure cap fixings to prevent accidental loss or damage. The plug-and play connectors permit the safe and rapid installation, service and replacement of key control equipment, enhancing plant uptime and productivity leading to cost savings.

Hawke International Mk4 Ex-Compliant live connectors
Hawke International Mk4 Ex-Compliant live connectors

Suitable for both onshore and offshore environments in oil and gas exploration and production as well as other situations with explosion hazards, the new ControlEx retains the best features of earlier models. Features such as the variable keying system that prevents accidental cross-mating, gold-plated modular field-crimpable inserts to simplify installation and secure wiring and a flameproof barrier seal that is easy to inspect during periodic safety checks.

Based on 20 years of experience in plug-and-socket manufacture, the ControlEx uses high grade stainless steel to provide unrivalled durability in severely hostile marine environments. External approvals include ATEX, IECEX, GOST, NEC and Exd rating. With ingress protection rating of IP66/67 and industry leading DTS01 deluge protection, the connectors are suited to areas exposed to salt and requiring periodic wash down. Multiple inserts are available allowing bodies to handle different connection needs up to 60 cores, so that stock holding can be rationalised.

The ControlEx is one of a range of connectors suitable for live interconnection. InstrumEx is an extremely robust compact connector for low power and instrumentation which can be connected and disconnected, while live, in a hazardous area without the need for a hot work permit. With an integral cable gland and simple design, the InstrumEx is a cost-effective solution for many instrumentation needs.

The PowerEx extends the range to higher current applications, with connectors rated to 780A and capable of terminating cores from 630mm2 to 680mm2.

To further increase the flexibility of the Hawke Ex solutions, the full range can be ordered pre-wired at the factory to client specification. Their team of skilled engineers will terminate and test any Hawke connectors, to be supplied tested and complete with certificates as the ultimate plug-and-play solution. On-site termination can also be arranged upon request by our CompEx trained termination team.

Detailed technical literature, on this and the full range of  Hawke equipment for cable termination, connection and enclosure is available on request from Cable Systems Limited  by telephoning  +44 (0)1925 852745 or visit the web https://cablesystems.co.uk/product/mark-iv-controlex