Hawke has been a respected brand in harsh industrial and hazardous area products since 1957, when William Hawke produced his first cable gland.

Over the decades since, the manufacturer has developed an enviable portfolio of enclosures, Ex connectors and other connectivity solutions to not only meet, but exceed customer demands.

Below we will take a look at some of the main Hawke Ex connectors and their applications in hazardous zones.

Hawke ControlEx Connectors

Hawke ControlEx connectors are flameproof Exd connectors suitable for low to medium power applications as well as to carry control signals.

They are hugely versatile, with a flameproof seal that can easily be inspected for ongoing safety checks, plus a range of other safety features like anti-rotating glands and an optional permanent locking pin.

Hawke FibreEx Connectors

Hawke FibreEx connectors cater for the modern-day need to supply optical fibre connections in hazardous areas.

They are easy to install, with keyed positions to prevent pin damage, and are the ideal way to lay ultra-high bandwidth connections in hazardous environments.

Hawke InstrumEx Connectors

Hawke InstrumEx connectors are used to make safe and fast low-power and control signal connections for instrumentation in hazardous zones.

They are available in 4-way, 8-way and 9-way configurations, which between them allow for cores from 0.14 mm to 2.5 mm and operating voltage up to 250V AC at 10 Amps.

Hawke PowerEx Connectors

For larger power connections, Hawke PowerEx connectors provide a flameproof Exd connector with a variety of inserts available.

Inserts can accept cores of up to 630 mm and conduct 750V at currents of up to 780 Amps. We can cater for other voltages by request – just get in touch to ask about this or with any other enquiries about Hawke Ex connectors.