Hawke Transit System- HTS


Hawke Transit System is a manufacturer of cable and pipe modular sealing systems and has offices in UK, Spain and Singapore also stock holding distributors in strategic locations around the world.

HTS has now developed a design software which makes it easy for both Designers and Engineers to design their transit requirements.


Hawke Transit Design Software


Hawke Transit Design Software

• Manually design MCTs
• Import cable schedules so that multiple transits can be designed automatically
• Produce pdf reports of your project
• Produce dxf files for integration with AutoCAD
• Move around, add or takeaway cable blocks within your designs
• Segregate cable types/groups into different apertures
• Design EMC MCTs
• Export your project to spread sheet format
• Produce MTOs in pdf format


Hawke Transit Design Software registration link Hawke Design Sofware

To obtain your free copy of the Hawke Design Software; please register via the link above which will take you to the Hawke Transit System download area. Enter your details and we will then post the software to your registered address. Registering online will enable you to receive all future software updates.


Our in house HTS specialist is available to provide free onsite Hawke Transit Design Software & Hawke Transit System installation training if required.