Hazardous area heaters could help to reduce the number of boat fires, whether installed on boats themselves or onshore in mooring areas and marinas.

The week of May 25th-31st is Boat Fire Safety Week 2015, and Cheshire Fire & Rescue Service is among the organisations to issue advice ahead of the event.

When a fire occurs on a boat, it frequently leads to the total destruction of the vessel, along with a strong risk of damage to neighbouring vessels or items nearby onshore.

This is partly due to the remote location of some mooring spots – making it difficult for emergency services to get to the blaze in order to tackle it.

And among the many potential causes of boat fires, from unattended candles to LPG gas leaks, Cheshire Fire include the danger from heating installations.

Hazardous area heaters are one alternative that could help to raise safety standards on boats and in marinas and other onshore working areas.

Like other hazardous area equipment, these heaters are designed to remain safe in the presence of potentially dangerous fuel leaks and sources of ignition – and could help to prevent significant damage to vessels, and even loss of life.