High growth in demand for hazardous area lighting is being driven in part by its ability to alert workers to threats that are not directly visible, according to a newly published market research report.

Million Insights have published their latest analysis of demand and growth in the hazardous location lighting market through to 2022.

They identify safety lighting as a major driving force in the market, particularly in circumstances where the threat itself might not be immediately visible to those in danger, but where hazardous location lighting can help to make them aware.

“Most importantly, hazard lights can alert workers, assisting them to get to safety even when the hazard may not be visible, which significantly fuels the market growth,” the report states.

“The factors that propel the growth of the market include increasing demand, rapid urbanisation and industrialisation, wide range of applications, stringent regulations, and product development and technological innovations.”

Together these factors have led Million Insights to forecast significant CAGR in the hazardous area lighting market based on performance from the five full years since 2012, and looking ahead to 2022 and beyond.