The Health & Safety Executive has launched a consultation on a proposed revision of the DSEAR L133 regulations for petrol tanker deliveries, including consideration of adequate Zone 1 lighting.

DSEAR is the Approved Code of Practice on the Dangerous Substances and Explosive Atmospheres Regulations 2002, and L133 specifically covers the process of unloading deliveries from petrol tankers.

Zone 1 hazardous areas typically incorporate the direct surroundings of the tanker, the underground fuel tank into which the delivery is being placed, and the pipe connecting the two; the tanker and tank themselves are Zone 0, while the wider surrounding area is usually Zone 2.

As part of the proposed revision, DSEAR L133 calls for “adequate illumination for unloading outside daylight hours, including at the tanker unloading point”.

Suitable Zone 1 lighting must usually ensure ground-level luminance of 100 lux or more, so site operators and delivery drivers can see easily at night or in poor weather conditions.

Without suitable lighting in place, the HSE warns that deliveries may be refused by the driver on safety grounds.

The consultation is ongoing, and feedback may be provided to the HSE online or by post until July 22nd 2014.