Hygienic cable protection systems are important in a variety of production environments with specific hygiene or wash-down requirements. Cable management ensures power and data can be carried to where it is needed, while shielding cables along their route.

Flexicon Cable Protection products place cables inside a hygienic flexible conduit designed to reduce the build-up of bacteria and microbes, to enable faster cleaning with less downtime, and to prevent the risk of cleaning processes damaging sensitive equipment.

Hygienic cable protection has applications across a wide range of industries:

With the ongoing increase in data and automation, hygienic flexible conduits ensure that control and data cables can reach the right places, safely and without contributing to cleaning downtime.

Benefits of hygienic cable protection systems

There are numerous benefits of hygienic cable protection systems, including:

  • Save space by grouping multiple cables into a single flexible conduit
  • No need for specialist cables – use standard cables protected by the conduit
  • Protection – cables are shielded, with fewer entry points to reduce ingress risks

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