The UK LED lighting market is predicted to continue to enjoy strong growth throughout the remainder of the decade, with non-residential including industrial applications dominating the market.

According to a newly published report from AMA Research, more than 90% of market value in 2015 was from non-domestic customers, with infrastructure such as street lighting among the single largest sales channels for the sector.

“Retail use is growing whilst office, industrial and domestic use is expanding rapidly,” the report states. “In 2015, the LED lighting market was characterised mainly by sales of LED luminaires, while replacement lamps and LED controls and accessories made up the remainder.”

The UK LED lighting market overall grew by 38% in 2015, an “explosion of growth” that is forecasted to continue in the years to come.

AMA Research anticipates double-digit growth in the sector in each remaining year of the decade, with an increase in residential use of LED lighting too as the consumer market matures.

In industrial and commercial settings, meanwhile, it is the need to replace fluorescent lighting that will remain a key driver, particularly in light of the commercial advantages of low-cost, low-energy LED lighting too.