Manual alarm call points allow human occupants of a hazardous environment to raise the alarm in the event of a fire or other emergency.

This can work alongside automated monitoring for fast, reliable detection of a variety of different alarm states, such as rising temperatures, appearance of smoke or flames, and so on.

By allowing manual alarm activation, you can put control in the hands of personnel who are physically present in the environment, adding valuable eyes and ears to your automatic monitoring.

Manual alarm call points for hazardous environments are designed to be intrinsically safe in their own right, and may be resistant to extreme conditions including:

  • Fire and flames
  • Explosion
  • Extreme temperatures
  • Weather exposure
  • Water ingress

Durable outer casings also make manual alarm call points hard-wearing and resistant to corrosion in saltwater environments, and in the presence of a range of chemicals and fluids.

Cable Systems stock a variety of hazardous environment manual alarm call points with different characteristics for Zone 0, Zone 1 and Zone 2 use, and including push-button and ‘break glass’ styles.

Contact Cable Systems today for more information or for a recommendation of a suitable manual alarm call point for harsh and hazardous environments on your premises.