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Basket Tray
Unistrut C-AFL90
Unistrut C-AFL90

Unistrut C-AFL90 Unistrut

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Cover Dividers and Accessories

POA excl. VAT

Product TypeCovers, Dividers


Part No.FinishSizeAngleWire Dia. (mm)Weight
AC114007ZP100mm90 Degree4.80.60
AC114008ZP150mm90 Degree4.80.65
AC114009ZP200mm90 Degree4.80.70
AC114010ZP300mm90 Degree4.40.80
AC114011ZP400mm90 Degree4.80.90
AC114012ZP500mm90 Degree4.81.00
AC114021ZP600mm90 Degree4.81.10
AC114111ZP450mm90 Degree4.80.95
AC115007ZP100mm45 Degree3.90.30
AC115008ZP150mm45 Degree3.90.35
AC115009ZP200mm45 Degree3.90.40
AC115010ZP300mm45 Degree4.40.50
AC115011ZP400mm45 Degree4.80.60
AC115012ZP500mm45 Degree4.80.70
AC115021ZP600mm45 Degree4.80.80
AC115111ZP450mm45 Degree4.80.65

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Basket Tray
Unistrut C-AFL90