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Victor Marquis II VL54

Emergency Fluorescent linear with GRP body for Zone 2 & 22

  • Battery back up for three hour emergency operation
  • High frequency control gear 50/60Hz
  • Through wired as standard
Product Code: MA2N/218/BI/EM

£399.37 £299.53 (excl. VAT)

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Lamp Types

T8, Ø26mm, G13 cap bi-pin fluorescent.
Available in the following configurations: 2 x 18W,
2 x 36W, 2 x 58W.

Power Supply

220V-254V, 50/ 60Hz AC/DC
120V, 50/60Hz AC only (option)

Power Factor

Greater than 0.95

Emergency Operation

Typically 3 hours duration at 25°C
32% of one lamp (18W)
14% of one lamp (36W)
9% of one lamp (58W)


6V, 4Ah internal Ni-Cad


4 core up to 4 mm2 conductors. Through wiring facility as standard. Terminals for live constant, live switched, neutral & earth are provided. Internal earth.

Cable Entries

Pre-drilled Ø20mm.

Supplied with 1 x transit plug and the required number of Ex blanking plugs.

Cable entry devices (ie. glands) must maintain the IP rating for the luminaire.

Temperature Classification

Gas environments: T4.
Dust environments: T85°C.

Ambient Temperature Range

220V-240V: -20°C to +45°C.
254V: -20°C to +35°C
110V-130V: -20°C to +30°C


Body Corrosion resistant glass reinforced
polyester (GRP) or stainless steel.
Diffusers Polycarbonate.
Clips Stainless Steel (18Wx6, 36Wx8 & 58Wx10).
Gear Tray Painted mild steel.


GRP Body

Stainless Body
1 x 36W Lamp – 3.3Kg1 x 36W Lamp – 6.6Kg
1 x 58W Lamp – 3.7Kg1 x 58W Lamp – 7.2Kg
2 x 18W Lamps – 2.6Kg2 x 18W Lamps – 5.6Kg
2 x 36W Lamps – 3.6Kg2 x 36W Lamps – 8.2Kg
2 x 58W Lamps – 4.1Kg2 x 58W Lamps – 9.1Kg

8mm clearance holes. Sealing washers are provided.


IECEx Certificate IECEx SIR 06.0055X
ATEX Certificate SIRA06ATEX4191X

II 3 GD Ex nA II T4

Ambient temperature range:
-20°C to +40°C*

Ingress protection to IP65

TIS Approved

*Dependant on lamp type & voltage

Download Victor Marquis II VL54 Datasheet

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