This year is the International Year of Light, a global initiative adopted by the UN to recognise the contribution of lighting technologies, and that makes it the perfect time to renew your focus on ATEX lighting.

ATEX gets its name from the French for ‘EXplosive ATmospheres’ and applies to a broad range of electrical equipment for use in hazardous areas.

Zone 1 and Zone 2 lighting both fall within this designation, depending on the exact types of risk that are present in the relevant hazardous areas.

And the IEC – the International Electrotechnical Commission – says it is “delighted” to be part of this year’s global initiative to expand access to artificial lighting into newly developing areas.

“For almost 70 years the IEC has been developing International Standards for luminaires and lighting installations,” the organisation said.

“A great number of IEC International Standards address the needs of the lighting industry in terms of requirements, tests, safety and EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) for lamps, lamp systems and all related accessories.”

This applies not only to equipment such as ATEX lighting for hazardous areas, but also to lights used in public places like hospitals and stadiums, and to those used in film and photography production.