Handheld portable LED lighting for use in hazardous areas offers a convenient way to reach locations that might otherwise be too dangerous; however, the brightness of hazardous area LED lighting may have been a limiting factor in the past.

STAHL’s 6148 hazardous area LED lighting aims to overcome this limitation, with microprocessor-controlled constant output regardless of the charge level of the battery.

This means no dimming – until the battery is depleted, of course – and the remaining battery life can be checked quickly with an indicator on the handheld lamp itself.

Peak light intensity from the 6148 is 24,000 cd, and it has been designed for use in Zone 1, 21, 2 and 22 hazardous areas.

The lamps have been designed for emergency services, including police, fire and rescue, and disaster relief, and even comply with the German fire department’s DIN 14642 standard.

The LED luminaires used are specified for 50,000 hours of operation, while the head swivels through 190 degrees for easy adjustment, and at 1.45 kg in weight, the whole lamp can easily be carried and used as an ordinary torch or flashlight might be.