The aims and ambitions of the Office of Rail and Road, which safeguards passengers and employees on the rail network, can be supported with good use of surge protection and other hazard-reducing electrical equipment.

A newly launched consultation by the ORR is calling for all views relating to its safety remit, which encompasses not only the standard passenger railways of the UK, but also high-speed lines like HS1 and city metro and supertram services.

The ORR holds Network Rail to account and aims for a reliable and punctual rail service too, as well as encouraging competition in the rail sector and giving freight operators fair access to rail routes.

All of this together means a wide range of different people who are potentially at risk – from members of the public to freight operators, as well as those working in the rail industry itself.

The ORR aims for zero fatalities to rail workers, or to members of the public caused by the industry’s operations, as well as reduced injuries and other safety incidents.

Surge protection equipment such as that exhibited at Railtex 2015 by Weidmuller back in May is just one way to help in this aim, by reducing the risks posed by the high voltages typically in use on the railways.