Weidmuller’s range of surge protection and terminal enclosures for use on and alongside railways will be on display at Railtex 2015 at the NEC in Birmingham on May 12th-14th.

The company produces a broad range of different electrical components, for use in challenging environments where they might be exposed to everything from electromagnetic interference, to extremes of temperature, to a lightning strike.

“Running a modern and high-performance transport system and maximising revenues is a great logistical challenge and demands a fast, flexible, efficient, reliable and safe railway service for your customers, and one which requires short periods of immobilisation and servicing,” the company said.

Among the terminal enclosures on display will be the Klippon TB MH (Multi-Hinge) line of enclosures, designed to offer excellent performance in industrial settings and hazardous areas.

These include enclosures rated for operation at anywhere from -60 to +135 degrees Celsius, with temperature protection enhanced by an as-standard silicone seal.

Also on show are Weidmuller’s surge protection devices, designed to meet the requirements of the 17th Edition Wiring Regulations and for everything from protection against lightning strikes to photovoltaic solar installations.