As the darker mornings and evenings set in this winter, it’s important to be able to keep Zone 2 hazardous areas lit without increasing the risk of an incident – something properly rated ATEX lighting can do very well.

ATEX lighting offers all of the advantages of LED lighting, such as improved economy and environmental footprint, along with reduced maintenance demand.

But by using LED lighting with the relevant Zone 2 hazardous area rating, you also ensure that you can remove the risk of poor visibility, without adding any other risk unnecessarily in its place.

LED lighting has other natural benefits, such as its well defined directional output, meaning the illumination can be directed uniformly over the desired area, with little light pollution escaping upwards.

Alternatively, rather than spreading the light across a uniform pool, it can be directed for maximum illumination in the space immediately ahead of the luminaire, providing better visibility further from wall-mounted lamps.

With a wide variety of ATEX lighting commercially available, there is likely to be a specific product to meet any niche application, delivering maximum results with minimum risk in Zone 2 hazardous areas and in even more hazardous areas too.