Last month we looked at hazardous area equipment for cold weather in terms of the lower end of the operating temperature range – but what are the best hazardous area heaters to raise the air temperature for equipment that needs warmer ambient conditions, or just for the comfort of humans in the area?

Hazardous area heaters come in a variety of different formats, from liquid-filled radiators and fan heaters to convection heaters and flameproof air warmers.

A lot of hazardous area heaters of all kinds are flameproof, and you will find different models certified for use in Zone 1 and 2, as well as Zone 21 and 22, giving you a good choice of the precise level of safety you need.

EXHEAT produce a particularly versatile option in the form of the EXHEAT MFH Portable Fan Heater, more commonly known simply as The Bulldog due to its squat shape.

This fan-assisted hazardous area heater is completely portable, allowing it to be set up in seconds without adding to the risk in a hazardous area, and can warm a medium-sized room in its entirety or direct warm air to a specific space in a larger room.