EXHEAT hazardous area heaters come in several different formats, including immersion heaters, line heaters and fan heaters, for use in industrial settings.

Now the company has launched a standard control panel for use in safe areas, to control EXHEAT safe area and hazardous area heaters from throughout the company’s portfolio.

The control panels are intended to provide a cost-effective and accurate means of controlling all EXHEAT standard fan, line and immersion heaters.

Installed in safe areas, the control panels can manage the operation of single and three-phase heaters up to 100A.

Katrina Parrott, general manager of EXHEAT Industrial, said: “We have actively engaged with our client base, closely assessed their criteria and reviewed industry specifications to enable our R&D department to design and develop this standard control system.”

The full range of hazardous area heaters from EXHEAT includes several products with very specific applications, for example ATEX air warmers suitable for Zone 1 and Zone 2 workshops and storage areas.

EXHEAT also produce HEF enclosure heaters, which are self-regulated so do not need a thermostat, enabling them to deliver reliable frost and condensation protection in enclosed areas.