The UK has a strong workplace safety record, but any incident is one too many – and hazardous area heaters are a good way to protect against extremes of temperature and against any hazardous substances too.

In this way, hazardous area heaters serve two important purposes at once: newly published HSE figures show chemicals and other such substances are a risk factor in nearly 60% of workplaces, and extremes of temperature are a danger in almost 40%.

Put the two together and you have a double threat – but there is also the third risk that can arise from heating an area in which chemicals are stored.

This is where hazardous area heaters really come into their own, providing safe warmth for workers without the risk of igniting any vapours or other flammable and explosive substances that may be present.

HSE chair Judith Hackitt said: “Nobody should lose their life or become ill simply from doing their job.

“Despite the great strides and improvements made over the last 40 years since Britain’s health and safety regime was established, there is still more that can be done.”